"Tehnical protection involves the creation of technical conditions that prevent unlawful acts directed towards protected people and property."
In order to protect property andpeople, we provide a complete service of technical security. Our expert team will do an estimate of the level of threat on the property and propose how to secure it. They will then create a project, and provide you with the installation and maintenance of the installed system. From security systems we offer the following:


Whether it is the protecting the private or business premises, via video surveillance our client enables constant visual access to the protected location via a PC or via a smartphone.

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The purpose of access control is the protection of individual objects or areas from unauthorized entry. The control can be mechanical, electronic or combined, depending on the degree of threat and whether to control pedestrians or vehicles

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Receiving information about the fire at the earliest possible stage is one of the key elements for a successful response and reduction of damage to the lowest possible level. In addition to material damage, the fires can easily lead to casualties.

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The alarm system is often signaling in the form of sirens and the flash is discouraging an intruder and people around attracting attention in a protected location.

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