With the automation of various processes in the home, smart house offers a range of benefits based on savings, safety and comfort. From one central location, which can be a smart phone, a tablet or a separate LCD screen, it is possible to control the majority of systems in the building. It can be controlled by heating and cooling, lighting, shutters, awnings, technical protection systems and others for which the user shows an interest. Smart House fully adapts to the users wishes. How often do you think if you have turned off the oven, stove or iron, have you left the light on, down shutters … Smart house does all this for you, automatically as soon as you turn on the alarm system when exiting home. In this way, the system recognizes that the area remained empty and heating or cooling reduces to economic mode.


When leaving, the user still has the ability to manage the system remotely via his/her smart phone or tablet. This is useful when it is offline for a long time, and is able to remotely activate the heating, cooling or ventilationof the apartment. While the user is inside a room, if a door, glass walls and windows are wide open, the system shuts down heating and cooling, and thus allows great savings .For a time of great cold, the system works in the so-called „anti-freezing“ regime, that does not allow the freezing of water in the pipes, floor heating system and so prevents damage to the property. The mentioned benefits are just a few of the smart home offers.

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