IT Systems


Focus on the core business of the customer, his needs and business processes, allows us to tailor solutions and support the user, and not vice versa. Progress of the users business is provided from the start by designing solutions to real needs, its implementation, and through maintenance agreements we take responsibility for future functionality of the entire system. In the case of existing systems through consulting services and system optimization we strive to achieve the best value for each user.


Todays telecommunication and informatical solutions are relatively connected terms. In recent years, the classic telecommunication solutions are slowly but surely replaced by more cost-effective and affordable solutions based on VOIP technology.

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Our team of IT professionals are responsible for the quality and efficient troubleshooting to the servers and the workstations and accompanying periphery. Starting from the basic hardware faults through the upgrade of existing equipment.

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In the age of modern communication technology, data communication represent the basic platform to provide a variety of network connection services, applications and processes necessary for the realization of safe and reliable operations.

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