By bringing heating and cooling energy with air exchange and quality control system achieve basic sense of comfort in the room. The heating greater energy efficiency is achieved at lower output medium temperature, and therefore increase the surface area of the body that carry thermal emission. Our underfloor heating and our regulation, warmly will surprise you. It can be applied to all types of flooring. Reduced heat emission avoid vertical currents that might raise dust. By regulation we provide that with underfloor heating freely combined and other heating surfaces, radiators or convectors.

Surface heating / cooling

Surface heating and cooling are carried out piping systems or panels. They are excellent for low-temperature heating systems (solar, heat pumps, condensing boilers) and cooling systems with water. They include:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Heating and cooling ceilings
  • Heating and cooling walls
    The combination of floor and ceiling surface system we are able to achieve optimal distribution of heat in the room. In the heating season the heat circulates naturally from the ground to the upper layers of air in the space and pleasant it is heated. In the cooling season freshness naturally descends to the lower layers of air. Such natural circulation and temperature distribution in height premises pleasant feeling of warmth is achieved at a lower average temperature. In the cooling sensation of freshness is achieved at a higher average temperature of the room. In this way savings in the necessary amount of energy of 20 to 25% compared to traditional systems.

Convection heating / cooling

Compact units with natural or stimulated air circulation, fan-coils, provide a solution for heating and cooling with the same device. According implementation can be floor, wall, ceiling and channel. They offer an excellent response in the thermal conditioning of the image with a larger glass surface. Driven ventilation allows a quick change of temperature so that each area can at any time to descend into savings work if not used. Our calculations and regulations give preference to low-speed air flow so that the user does not even notice the system operation.

Split systems, heating / cooling – “Air Conditioner”

Compact units for one or more spaces. They give a quick response to cooling because they are based on intensive direct air flow. Economically acceptable solution, a benefit eligible for areas which you do not reside a long time.

Combined heating / cooling

Life demands pragmatic solutions. In the field of thermodynamics that means a combination of surface, fan coil and radiator system with heating and cooling section.

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